Ryan Delafosse

Senior Web Developer | IT Manager | Tech Whisperer | Meme Maestro

  • Quantum mechanics and particle physics geek (he can't get enough of that stuff!)
  • Devised his own superpower
  • Plans to own a castle in Ireland one day
  • His baseball walk-up song would be Superman - Goldfinger

Meet Ryan, our resident web wizard and meme maestro! Around the office, he's the go-to guy for both his web mastery and meme-savvy skills. There's just something about diving into lines of code or dropping the perfect meme at just the right moment that gets Ryan's digital heart racing.

While he was studying web development at Virginia Commonwealth University, Ryan moonlighted in the world of government. After donning his graduation cap, he made his grand entrance at Addison Clark, becoming the company's inaugural full-time hire and proudly holding the title of the most tenured full-time employee.

Ryan doesn't just conjure websites out of thin air, though – he collaborates closely with our brilliant design team to bring their stunning designs to life, weaving code like a digital maestro. Together, they make digital dreams come true.

When Ryan's not immersed in the digital realm, you'll find him strolling around the nearby lake or soaking up quality time with his lovely wife and adorable daughters.

Learn more about Ryan on his LinkedIn page.